Family Accomplishments

Latera and Charles Latimore had a baby girl, and will celebrate their first wedding anniversary in January.

Tony Tucker is getting married in January.

Darius Miles Had a child.

Joyce Price Wooden had a grandchild.

Leslie Miles graduated from Oak Park High school.

Latricia Price graduated in September, 2011 from Ross Medical.

Roslyn Price Brooks graduated in February, 2012 from Walden University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Child Development.

Shalanon Julnae Brooks graduated in April, 2012 from Eastern Michigan with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.

Shalanon Price graduated from Eastern Michigan University.

Ronald Payne Jr graduated from 8th graded, cics Longwood charter school June 2,2012.

Tomas & David Ewing graduated from King High School in Detroit, June 6,2012.

Gussie Dade celebrated her 96th birthday on April 29 2012.

Mia Glenn graduated from 8th grade in Las Vegas Nevada from Roy Martin.

Grandchldren of Denise Tucker, Alexis and Gabriel Tucker graduated from 8th grade and 1st grade .

Renetta Lewis returned to school working on her masters in Theology.

Juan H. Gardner has been hired as principal at Round Lake High School. He replaces Kurt Sinclair, who resigned last week to become principal at a school in his hometown of Kenosha, Wis. Round Lake High begins the new academic year Aug. 21. Read the complete article here.