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Evans Price 1842-1925

Family History Evans Price 1842-1925 According to Federal Census records, Evans and Elvira Price were born into slavery during the mid 1800s. Evans Price was born in the state of Alabama in 1842. The Census states that his parents were born in North Caroline. Evans was born a slave, but he was raised by Whites. The White children with whom he was raised taught him to read and write.

As a young man, Evans met Elvira who was also born a slave in Nashville, Tennessee. Elvira was born in 1848. Both found that they had many things in common. For example they loved horses and both could read and write. Evans and Elvira married in 1867. During that time, they settled in the township of Haynes, Arkansas out of Union Township in Saint Francis County, Arkansas. Later the border changed and the Haynes became a part of Lee County Arkansas.

Evans and Elvira quickly became one of the most respected couples in the vicinity. Elvira mortgaged a horse to buy property for a church to be erected and her Husband Evans became chairman of the Building Board of Directors.

Former slaves worked together to build the church. Upon completion, they named it Union Missionary Baptist. The churches founding date is listed as 1869, and upon renovation still remains there to date (2012). A corner stone on the church named Evans Price as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

On the left side of Union Church is an old Landmark, a giant oak tree. On the right side of the church grounds there was a tall metal platform for a bell. Recently, the structure was removed. According to the Late Rev. Dr. Jethro Price, Son of Reese Price and Grandson of Evans and Elvira, a bell rang from the platform to signal the slaves to leave the fields after a hard day's work. An event that has endured with the church is the Annual August Meeting that begins on the first Monday in August. It is a week long religious marathon of Baptist preaching from various pastors.

Evans and Elvira had 16 children. Their names were as follows. Mary, Anna, Richard, Luther, Esther, Elnora, Classy, Maggie (Daisy), Dora, Reese, Patrick, Addean, Verda, Fair Daisy, Pearlie and Eagle. The family lived in a log cabin build in the shotgun style. The house was located about a mile and one half north of the church one block shy of an area commonly known as "The Bottoms". The house was long from front to back with rooms on both sides of the hallway. When front and back doors were opened at the same time, you could see through the entire house. The kitchen was always on the back with a floor that set lower than the rest of the house. The unique sleeping arrangement for the Price children was that the girls slept on one side of the hallway and boys slept on the other. From 1867 until their deaths, Evans and Elvira resided happily in this home.

Evans and Elvira continued to become leading citizens in their community. He developed into a thriving businessman as a landlord to sharecroppers. He was part owner of the bank in Haynes, Arkansas and served as Sheriff after the Civil War. Evans was a mason and his wife was an Eastern Star.

Evans and Elvira loved children and raised their grandchildren: Solomon, Jon and Nathaniel Dawson. Shier mother was Addean. Evans Price died on October 1925 at the age of 83 years old. He was buried in Crowley's Ridge Cemetary near Haynes Arkansas. Elvira died on September 2, 1933, at the age of 85. She was buried at the Mount Pleasant graveyard in Forest City, Arkansas.

This historical event was researched by Gregory Miles, Son of Suzanne Miles Johnson, grandson of Richard Price Jr., Great-grandson of Evans and Elvira Price. Research was enhanced by Dr. Calvin Smith, historian and husband of Earline Williams Smith, daughter of Elston and Carline Price Williams, grand daughter of Patrick Price Sr and great grand daughter of Evans and Elvira Price.

The above history has been condensed by Renetta Lewis for the Chicago Chapter August 9-12, 2012 Price/Dawson Family reunion. To see the original format please contact Gregory Miles Sr or Earline Williams Smith.