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2015 Meeting Notes

Topics Discussed In General Meeting

  • Description of the experience of visiting the White House with a sitting Black President
  • Recap of elder meeting
  • Recap of next reunion locations
  • Plea to allow the family to be held in locations even if there isn't a family member living in those locations
  • Establishment and codification of the reunion to be held on the first weekend after the first Monday in August.
  • Passing of the reunion banner

Topics Discussed In Elder Meeting

  • Address the potential of having seperate prices for the picnic, banquet and seperate events
  • Address the potential of establishing a family college fund for students with a 3.5 or better grade point average
  • Address the potential of setting up the reunion as a non-profit (5013c)
  • Address the potential of establishing one or two hotel chains that would offer brand and hotel parking facilities at a discounted rate
  • Identifying The Next Generation

Identifying the Next Generation Discussion Notes

  • Who would continue the legacy of the Price Dawson Family Reunion in each perspective state?
  • Should be godly, honest, positive, mature, quick to respond

Next Family Reunion Locations

  • 2016: Detroit
  • 2017: Chicago
  • 2018: San Francisco Bay Area
  • 2019: Nashville Tennessee
  • 2020: Las Vegas